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Windows File Server Auditing

Perform Windows File Server Auditing using LepideAuditor for File Server to get who, what, when, where details of all
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18 March 2015

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Windows File Server Auditing from a centralized platform has many advantages. Administrators need not go to each and every file server site. It allows them store the audit data in a single location effortlessly. That is why LepideAuditor for File Server is widely used for file server auditing purposes. This is a simple tool with advanced features for customized auditing, report generation, report scheduling, real-time monitoring, and alert generation. Using this tool, administrators can keep file servers away from security threats and can meet external as well as organization’s internal security compliances very easily.
Automated Windows File Server Auditing is very necessary as it is difficult to trace and track file server activities manually because of the enormity of user activities in file servers. LepideAuditor for File Server helps you audit Windows File Servers as well as NetApp filers. It notes before and after values of every change and generates detailed reports that can be saved in TXT, PDF, CSV, DOC, and HTML formats. One can configure audit policies as per requirements to generate customized audit reports. Also, report generation can be scheduled so that physical presence of auditor is not necessary at the time of auditing. They can receive the audit reports through emails. At the time of critical changes, they can get instant alerts too.
You can use the Freeware edition of this tool without any charges forever. A trial version of its Enterprise edition is also available. It supports auditing of two file servers for a limited period of 15 days. Thereafter you can purchase it to audit unlimited number of file servers. More details are available at

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